Valentine's Day, an overview of consumer spendings and top categories

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Sublime, the high-impact marketplace that creates and delivers premium ad experiences, has released an overview of purchase intent and top gifting categories from around the world. With 65% of people planning to spend money on Valentine’s Day (globally), it’s clear that this giant of a shopping holiday cannot be ignored.

Sublime dives deeper into the data to analyze consumers’ shopping habits by category, reporting that the Valentine’s Day staple – lingerie – remains the most searched for category on mobile devices, with make-up, perfume, and jewelry following closely behind. Furthermore, each country in the Sublime study shows very different priorities in how they spend their money.

People celebrating Valentine’s Day in Spain like to go on experiential dates and buy tech and clothing gifts, while those in the U.K. prefer the more traditional route, by going out to eat and buying jewelry and flowers.

To help brands connect with consumers around the world leading up to this special day, Sublime offers full-funnel marketing capabilities across both desktop and mobile environments. To learn more, feel free to visit Sublime website.