Link building, the complete SEO guide to build high quality backlinks for free

Building quality backlinks is a key part of your online visibility but sometimes it can feel quite confusing. Indeed, you may be asking yourself “How can I get more backlinks to my website?”. To help you, I created a comprehensive guide about link building and how to generate high quality backlinks without money to increase your SEO visibility.

Link building is an expression that refers to the action of building backlinks to a website. The goal of link building is to increase a website online visibility on search engines. This term is mostly use in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.

don’t waste too much time on searching the web for dofollow spots as there are greater SEO tactics out there.

Link building is important to SEO as it increase a website popularity and authority on a specific topic through creating quality backlinks. Indeed, search engines such as Google or Bing, take into account a website backlinks in order to determine its popularity and pertinence on a specific subject.

You can start doing link building as soon as your website is online in order to promote it and to increase your website traffic. Link building is useful during every step of your internet journey whether you want to promote a new website, a new piece of content or new services.

Link building is an action that is part of a more global search strategy. Guest blogging, social media, comments and infographics are commonly used to create high quality backlinks. In order to make it efficient, you should take the time to set a clear marketing and communication goal to your website and then, stick to it.

You can start link building for your website right now by following the SEO tips included in this guide. Keep in mind that it will take time and efforts but that it will pay off in the long run! Let’s dive into simple ways to build backlinks. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

A simple but powerful way to generate backlinks is by doing interviews. Indeed, it is a great solution when you just start a new website as it will expand your network by contacting new people and makes you able to produce fresh content with added value. A simple way to do link building with interviews is by contacting experts in your industry, customers or people you work with and tell them that you want to interview them and that it will be published online on your website. People are more and more looking to exposure that’s why they will likely be alright with this type of proposition.

Target people who own a website or a blog as they will generally put a backlink to the interview on their site. Moreover, most of the time they will also share it with their network which will help you to increase your traffic.

Last but not least, always try to interview people in your industry so you will produce content that is relevant to your website semantic.

Another great way to do link building is by creating nice infographics that you will send to various news website and blogs. Nowadays, you don’t need to run a survey or to have proprietary data to create an infographic. You just need to curate already existing studies and mention them in your sources. Take the time to think about a topic that will interest people in your sector and then find a new editorial angle to speak about it.

Creating infographics can be time consuming but the SEO reward can be huge.

Indeed, various famous websites are in demand for content so if you provide them with a quality infographic and a presentation text they will be more likely to publish it on their website. Infographics are a great way to create high value backlinks as they can be published on authority websites such as newspapers, industry magazines or experts’ blogs.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be a very powerful strategy to increase the number of links to your website. The idea is simple yet effective: promoting content on social media platforms by targeting people with blogs or websites. For example, if you just happened to write a great piece of content do not hesitate to promote it on social media as, if the content has a great added value, people will naturally link to it. Depending on your industry sector or your business model you might prefer LinkedIn for B2B and Twitter/Facebook for B2C.

Back in the days, posting comments on blogs was very famous for link building. But people tend to overdo it (understand flooding and spamming) and then, most of the blog comments went from dofollow to nofollow. Nowadays, it is very hard and time consuming to find qualitative blogs comments in dofollow due to spamming. Moreover, SEO experts know that in-text links are more powerful than links integrated in widgets or outside of the content. That’s why, if you know a relevant blog to your sector where you can put comments in dofollow, post one or two but don’t waste too much time on searching the web for dofollow spots as there are greater SEO tactics out there.

In the SEO industry, we conducted various experiments and the clear majority of SEO experts tends to say that in-text links (links placed within the content of an article or page) are more valuable for search engines than links placed outside the content such as in a widget, footer or sidebar. That’s why, you should always try to put backlinks directly into the content you are providing for other websites.

You should always try to build quality backlinks through your link building actions. It also means that you should not spam the web and automatize your actions as Google and other search engines will easily flag your backlinks. Your backlinks acquisition should look natural and relevant to search engines by providing content with added value to internauts.

As you can see, it is possible to build high quality backlinks without money but you should put time and effort into it. Don’t try to trick search engines as it easy to spot non-natural backlinks. Instead, always focus on producing content with added value and people will naturally link to it.

By applying the link building tactics in this guide, you will naturally create quality links to your website over the course of the time and will increase your SEO visibility.