How to Pitch a Startup? Our Communication Tips

Knowing how to pitch a Startup (or just any idea), will always be a useful skill in business conversations. Thus, in this article we are going to give you some advices in order to make a great first impression to investors or potential partners.

To make a great picth : be concise and passionate about your Startup project

Most of the time, you will not have a lot of time to pitch an investor about your startup. Thus, we recommend to start with just one piece of information about your project – a brief information about your product or service, which problem you are trying to solve or how you are generating revenue. What’s key is that you need to show that you have a product or service is something people will be willing to buy and use.

You want to present your Startup as a good investment not just a good product. You are the one offering a good opportunity, not the other way around.

Tease your pitch and raise your interlocutor curiosity

In order to make your pitch appealing you should give away interesting information that will make people eager to know more about your model and, in the end, willing to invest some ressources in your startup. Thus, don’t give every details in your talk and deliberately tease your interlocutor.

Be authentic but professional

It’s important to be authentic while presenting your Startup as you need to convince a potential investor or future partner.Be sure to show some of the features that you’ll offer and how theyl will really excite people.

You will need to project confidence.

For example, you could talk about where you want your startup to take you and why your business will attract many customers.

I am the idea stage: How to pitch it ?

If you don’t have clear, concise information about your business model and are at the idea stage, it’s not hard to pitch the idea with an “I’m doing something that is interesting!” type of pitch. It could be presenting a simple idea about the product you’re trying to build, a video or even a blog post you wrote about your startup idea .The important thing is to have solid, credible evidence that your idea is interesting.

And remember: start small and build towards success.