Ethical Marketing, Stop Taking Customers for Fools!

We live in a connected world thanks to the Internet and the overhaul digital communication revolutions which occurred in the early 2000s. Nowadays, you can buy pretty much everything everywhere. So, why a consumer should prefer to buy your product or services over your competitors? Don’t understated this question as it is a core key of a business success. In this article, I will cover what is generally meant by ethical marketing and how to do it for your brand, company or business.

What is ethical marketing? A simple definition.

To sum it up, Ethical marketing is a philosophy which aims to sincerely consider customers’ needs and problems while creating marketing strategies to increase a brand or company awareness. Moreover, it pursues to promote responsibility and honesty in all the advertising areas. Ethical marketing is getting more and more recognized by various international companies across all industries.

What is an ethical company? Ethical marketing in a consumer oriented world.

Doing ethical marketing or adverting has always been complicated as everyone as his own subjective point of view about what is ethical or unethical. But, I think that we can agree on few things. First of all, an ethical company is a company which care about values such as respect, responsibility and honesty in its various business processes such as production, marketing, recruitments or work environment. Moreover, an ethical company aims to solve a consumer problem by providing the best service possible with added value. Finally, ethical companies are transparent and listen to their customers in order to improve their services.

Why ethical marketing is important?

You may be wondering “Why is ethical marketing important?”. By doing ethical marketing you will manage to build a solid and stable relationship with your customers which also means that they will become your brand ambassadors. Moreover, it will provide you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Last but not least, ethical marketing is great way to secure a stable company future as it involves adding positive values to its ecosystem. People are changing their way of consuming so if you want to build a successful business you will need to take this paradigm shift into account.

What are the benefits of ethical marketing?

Ethical marketing could still seem like a utopia for many business owners but things are changing fast. Indeed, ethical marketing has various benefits for companies as it is the best way to:

  • create a long-term relationship with you customers,
  • to attract the best talents in your teams,
  • make positive impacts in your ecosystem,

How to ensure ethical marketing?

Creating ethical marketing strategies is a difficult topic as it involves to continually challenge yourself and keep making headway. The first step is to make your customers and clients part of your marketing strategies. For example, you could create a series of interviews in which you will let your customers speak about your brand and services. Then, make sure to have a dedicated team that will collect your customers’ feedbacks and complains as it is the best way to improve your product. Last but not least, take your staff request and feedbacks seriously and try to improve your ecosystem on a daily basis.