Disneyland Paris Ads, The little duck Ad, Dream Crazy

There’s a place where all the magic of Disney -its enchanting tales, its incredible stories - exists for real: Disneyland Paris. This epic saga, blending together love, humor and courage, is aimed at all those -big and small -who grew up with a Disney idol whom they still wish one day to meet. At Disneyland Paris, magic is for real.


  • Brand: Disneyland Paris
  • Brand Management:
  • Grégoire Champetier
  • Cynthia Oostdijck
  • André Delvallée
  • Nathalie Raverat
  • Sébastien Dupont

  • Agency: BETC
  • Agency Management:
  • Anne-Laure Brunner
  • Marion Gondeau
  • Pauline Mezzadri
  • Executive Creative Director: Antoinette Beatson
  • Creative Director: Christophe Clapier
  • Art Director: Julien Lefèvre
  • Assistant Art Director: Clément Chayé
  • Copywriter: Alban Gallée
  • Strategic Planning: Antoine Pivard
  • Postproduction Supervisor: Alexandra Houillon
  • Production Company: General Pop
  • Sound Production: Gum Production
  • 3-D Studio / Director: Unit Images