Augmented reality Ads are coming to YouTube and 3D Ads for Display

In order to make ads more intriguing and interactive, Google is soon going to provide more advanced ad tools with the help of a new platform made specifically for creating 3D ads. Additionally, Google plans to add new Live and AR ad options for YouTube.

Swirl Ads

Brands will now be able to craft a more engaging experience for their customers with the help of Swirl 3D display ad format. This will enable users to rotate a 3D object, and zoom in and zoom out within the ad.

According to Google: “Swirl brings three-dimensional assets to display advertising on the mobile web, which can help educate consumers before making a purchase. They can directly zoom in and out, rotate a product, or play an animation.”

Swirl ads will be compatible with Google’s display and Video 360 formats which already have 3D assets into their ad libraries. Add to this, Google plans to launch a new editor to its Poly 3D editing platform to help brands in developing smoother 3D ad experiences.

This recent announcement definitely sounds tempting and will make way for an interactive ad experience, different from what we have today. This will also help the consumer in testing and trying out products before checking out. As of now, Swirl ads are available in limited beta.

New Live Feature

Moreover, to help monetize the live-stream videos on YouTube, Google is planning to roll out a new ad option which will help creators to stream their live video within display ads.

“We know it takes a lot of time and resources to build [live stream] assets and we want to make it easier to get more out of your investment. The new live stream format in Display & Video 360 allows you to run your YouTube live stream content in display ads across screens and devices. People will be able to interact with the video using familiar YouTube player controls. People can preview your live stream, watch full screen, and exit when they’re done, giving them full control over how they interact with your content,” said YouTube.

AR Ad Options

On the same lines, the tech giant is also planning to roll out an AR-based immersive ad format which will allow the users to virtually try on make-up, quite similar to the Virtual Artist app by Sephora. However, this feature will be integrated with YouTube wherein users will be able to try new looks with the help of their phone camera.