Google, Facebook, and Amazon Account to Almost 70% of Digital Ad Spending in the US

Latest eMarketer research revealed that the three digital giants – Google, Facebook, and Amazon - collect around 67% of the digital ad spending in the US. In terms of dollars, we are talking about around $73 billion worth of digital ads.

marketers-repartition-budget Source: eMarketer

Few days ago, a recent ad spending survey realised by Factual and Lawless Research came with some DATA related to the same topic. Conducted on 700 in-house and agency marketers, the research reveals that marketers are spending approximately 43% of their ad budgets on Facebook, Amazon, and Google. We can observe a discrepancy between the research from Factual and the one from eMarketer but, nonetheless; the tech giants are predominant when it comes to digital marketing solutions.

marketers-budget-spending Source: Lawless Research and Factual

These numbers are important to keep in mind in regards to the upcoming debate in the US public sphere. Indeed these companies have their say in the US digital economy and this is soon going to be the most debated topic in the coming months as the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission gears up to conduct a fresh round of investigations on the GAFA.

Marketers are worried by Google, Facebook and Amazon oligopoly

The Factual and Lawless survey also revealed another major takeaway: around 65% of marketers are worried and are looking for alternatives to these three when it comes to digital ad spending.

marketers-are-worried Source: Lawless Research and Factual

It will be interesting to see how things evolve in the future.

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